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Honey Oil Cartridge with Battery Kit

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This is our in-house made THC Honey Oil. We begin the intricate process by chilling the product all the way down to -42. The extraction itself is then completed in a time frame of 20 minutes in order to produce oil with little to absolutely no fats and lipids. The absence of fat and lipids allow for an oil that is ready to vape instantaneously.

There are no additives or terpenes added back. This is real, unflavoured Honey Oil straight from the farm.

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at Canvas labs to contain over 89.13% Cannabinoids! This includes 88.69% THC!

The Honey Oil Cartridge Vaporizer is a small and portable vape for on the go use. This unit gives a huge amount of vapor in a tiny package and has 3 temperature settings. It has a powerful magnetized connection which holds the atomizer firmly in place. The atomizer also sits inside of the unit’s chassis and uses 360 degree anti-leak technology to prevent messy spills. A convenient oil window will let you monitor how much oils remains in the tank. The Delrin drip tip is made from odor-free and food-safe materials to preserve the flavor of your oils. Everything about this rig has been designed with convenience in mind.

1x vape battery
1g Honey Oil glass cartridge
2x magnetic rings
1x USB charging cable


Earn up to 55 GrowBucks

Honey Oil Cartridge with Battery Kit

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