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Seniors gather in Penticton to learn more about cannabis – Okanagan

A large gathering of cannabis-curious seniors turned up at the Pentiction Seniors’ Drop-In Centre on Monday.

Close to 100 seniors packed the facility — not for cards or billiards, but instead to find out how legal marijuana can ease their aches and pains.

The information session was hosted by Wellworth Health, a company that provides information, assessment by physicians and nurse practitioners, and access to medical marijuana.

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“We are getting large number of people to come out, you know for a Cannabis 101, what’s it all about, how might it impact my life,” said Bruce MacEachern of Wellworth Health.

“In cases where patients have a need where they are trying to pursue this as an option, many, many doctors are willing to recommend a service like ours that will provide that full circle of care.”

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And the patients expressing the most interest these days, according to Wellworth Health, are pensioners.

MacEachern said “65 and older is probably is the most rapidly growing segment right now,” adding “they realize that they can get medical cannabis with high CBD formulations.

“There’s no high, there’s no buzz associated with it but rather just better feeling, better pain management, better disease state management.”

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According to the company, CBD oils are the highest in demand among seniors followed by capsules and, in some cases, vaping. They are options that for some are replacing prescription medications.

“Who knows? I may really need it one day and I think I should at least have an idea of what I am looking at,” said Tina Begg.

“Medications in combination with other medications aren’t always the best way to go about it,” said Mignonne Wood, “so this is a way of perhaps treating pain without compromising other aspects of your health.”

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Doug Hansen added “we have been taught for so long that it’s illegal, we shouldn’t, it’s bad for you and now we are seeing a good side to things.”

It’s a side that’s only expected to grow in demand, especially now, following legalization.

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